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Martin SchnittlerMartin Schnittler

Welcome to the page of Prof. Dr. Martin Schnittler

This web page was set up to give others access to the data of my research activities and the personal collection connected with it. And, last but not least I want to thank all friends and colleagues sharing with me field trips, lab work and all other good and bad research experience.

The webpage will later offer downloads (direct or via external links) of my herbarium collection of Vascular Plants (about 5 000 specimens) and Myxomycetes (plasmodial slime molds, about 10 000 specimens).

It gives a brief introduction into Myxomycetes, the ‘macroscopically visible micro-organisms’ and shows links to other web pages about these organisms. It reports research activities on the ecology, taxonomy and world-wide distribution of plasmodial slime molds.

A second section, which is currently under construction, will describe briefly my work on endangered vascular plants, Red Lists and a concept of identifying species in a priority need for conservation.