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Plant Species ConservationPlant Species Conservation
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#schedule_BotArtSch Here will be the plan of the lecture for spring 2017 
_seminar_talks_BotArtSch Here will be a list of seminar talks 
_contents_BotArtSch.pdf Overview and contents of the lecture 
_literature_BotArtSch.pdf Recommended literature 
V01_Intro.pdf Lesson 1, script: Introduction: Reasons for and goals in plant species conservation 
V01_Botrychium_Simplex_Horn.pdf Lesson 1, literature: Botrychium simplex as example for a target for species conservation measures 
V02_Global_short.pdf Lesson 2, script: Species extinction and floristic change 
V03a_CEchange.pdf Lesson 3, script: Postglacial floristic changes in Central Europe 
V03b_CEcauses.pdf Lesson 3, script: Reasons for floristic changes in Central Europe 
V04_RLD_2010.pdf Lesson 4, script: Red Lists as a tool for species protection, German Red Lists, new version 2010/11 
V04_RLD_2010_Ludwig_etal_2005 Lesson 4, literature: Concept for the German Red List 2010/11 
V05_RL_IUCN.pdf Lesson 5, script: IUCN categories in Red Lists 
V05_IUCN_criteria.pdf Lesson 5, description: Explanation IUCN Criteria for global Red List assessment with examples 
V05_RedListGuidelines_V62_2006.pdf Lesson 5, description: Guidelines of the IUCN for global Red List assessment 
V05_RedListRegionalGuidelines_2003.pdf Lesson 5, description: Guidelines of the IUCN for regional Red List assessment 
V06_BL.pdf Lesson 6, script: Red Lists in other countries, complementary approaches 
V06_Harmonization_of_Red_Lists_2007.pdf Lesson 6, script: Experiences from the Netherlands with the application of the IUCN criteria 
V07_Priority1.pdf Lesson 7, script: Setting priorities 
V07_priority_MV.pdf Lesson 7, script: Setting priorities for plant species conservation, approach for M-V 
V07_Ludwig&Schnittler_NuL2007.pdf Lesson 7, literature: Improving the German concept for responsivility analysis 
V08_Priority2.pdf Lesson 8, script: Methods for priority setting 
V08_Priority_CE.pdf Lesson 8, script: Priority analysis in Central European endangered plants 
V08_BioDiv_Cons8_paper_CE.pdf Lesson 8, literature: Priority analysis in Central European endangered plants 
V09_BioDiv_Monitoring.pdf Lesson 9, script: Approaches for Biodiversity monitoring 
V09_Species_Monitoring.pdf Lesson 9, script: Approaches for Species monitoring 
V09_Monitoring_MV.pdf Lesson 9, script: Example for species monitoring in MV 
V10_PVA.pdf Lesson 10, script: Population Monitoring and Population Viability Analysis 
V11_Recovery.pdf Lesson 11, script: Strategies in nature conservation, species recovery plans 
V11_PRIfar.pdf Lesson 11, script: Example for developing a species recovery plan, Pruimula farinosa 
V11_lfumerkblatt_gentianella_bohemica.pdf Lesson 11, literature: Example for an information sheet: Gentianella bohemica in Bavaria 
V11_lfumerkblatt_gladiolus_palustris.pdf Lesson 11, literature: Example for an information sheet: Gladiolus palustris in Bavaria 
V11_Tasmania_Ranunculus_prasinus_RecoveryPlan.pdf Lesson 11, literature: Example for a detailed species recovery plan: Ranunculus prasinus in Tasmania 
V12_Org.pdf Lesson 12, script: The political framework for species conservation 
V13_Case studies.pdf Lesson 13, script: Case studies: ongoing activities in species conservation 
V13_Cryptogams.pdf Lesson 13, script: How to consider crypotogamic plants in species conservation? 
V13_Microhabitat_Descr.pdf Lesson 13, literature: approch for a modular description systems for microhabitats of cryptogams 
Student talks (all files as pdf)  
Cars & Eutrophication  M. Kiess 2013 
The US Red Lists  L. Rothe 2013 
The Peene Valley - Wilderness or not  R. Ermisch 2013 
Global Biodiversity Information Facility  E. Heinrich 2013