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MSc Module "Plant Species Conservation"MSc Module "Plant Species Conservation"

MSc Module "Plant Species Conservation" (Artenschutz bei Pflanzen)

MSc Biodiv&Ecol: A3; MSc LaÖk: V11

Time: Every second spring (Sommersemester), alternates with module "Plant Population Genetics", next: spring 2017

Duration: one semester

Fields of interest: "Natural history" and population biology of vascular plants; species conservation (Artenschutz) in plants, Red Lists, Species Conservation Plans; Methods and tools to investigate the conservation biology of plants; activities in plant conservation, Germany and International

Courses offered:

Lecture (V) „Plant Population Biology“ (Populationsbiologie der Pflanzen, 2SWS/2LP)

Lecture (V) „Plant Species Conservation“ (Botanischer Artenschutz, 2SWS/2LP)

Seminar (S) „Investigation of Plant Reproductive Systems“ (2SWS/2LP)

Practical Exercise (P) "Field experiments in Plant Population Biology" (MSc BioDiv&Ecol 5SWS/6LP / MSc LaÖk 2SWS/2LP)

For details, please look at the lectures on this web page or ask at martin.schnittler [ at ] uni-greifswald.de.