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B.Sc. Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation - International

The project's goal is to develop the four-year degree program B. Sc. Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation - International, which includes an academic year abroad (Bachelor Plus academic year abroad) in addition to three years of study at the University of Greifswald. The INTENSE team advises and helps students organize their year abroad, gives advice on study programs of partner universities, and helps students find adequate internships.

Furthermore we invite international guest speakers and visiting lecturers and arrange international excursions in order to promote international exchange. To a limited extend we are also able to provide financial aid to students from partner universities who wish to study or intern at our institute for one term.

Suggestions and new ideas are always welcome!

Prof. Dr. M. Schnittler (Institute of Biology and Landscape Ecology, Director); Andrea Strauss (Michael Succow Foundation); Dr. Natalya Milyavskaya, Violetta Yurkevich (both International Office University of Kaliningrad, Dep. for International Educational Programmes and Projects);