Duration: 2 years (4 semesters), start 1st of October

Total number of credits points:
120 (European Credit Transfer System - ECTS)


1st & 2nd Semester

Fundamentals (7 modules, 50 credit points):

Landscape and Vegetation
International Nature Conservation (basics)
Ethics and Economics of Sustainable Land Use
Scientific Skills and Personal Profiling
Project Work
Practical Landscape Ecology Part 1
Excursion Landscape Ecology


2nd & 3rd Semester

Specialisation (5 modules, 40 credit points):

Climate Change
Vegetation Ecology
Practical Landscape Ecology Part 2
Aquatic Ecology
Mire Ecology
Nature Conservation
Environmental Ethics
Restoration Ecology
Population Biology of Plants
Plant Systematics
Animal Conservation
Vegetation and Ecosystem Dynamics


4th semester

Master thesis (30 credit points)